Windows to the Soul, Mandrill

Windows to the Soul, Mandrill -Brian Jarvi's AFRICAN MENAGERIE Museum Tour Produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C.AFRICAN MENAGERIE Exhibition Prospectus
Windows to the Soul, Mandrill

A Panoramic Adventure
Introduction by Todd Wilkinson
Author, Last Stand: Ted Turner`s Quest To Save A Troubled Planet

Imagine a line of seven vertical panels, visually interlocking, that serve as an epic picture window opening into an Edenic panorama of Africa.

The centerpiece is ten-feet high and five-feet wide. It stands three-feet off the ground reaching a height of more than one story tall. It is flanked by six other panels that form a wide-angle vision into the arc of the savannah. It engages us. It invites us in. It makes us think. It appeals to seasoned travelers and it commands awe from children . . .

Filling the scenes are dramatic portrayals of predators and prey as only Brian Jarvi can paint them. It is a grand idyllic montage. As one point of visual entry, we, as primates, relate to the point of view of a bonobo, a pygmy chimpanzee, seated on an elephant. He is looking down on a human in the scene, which symbolically represents humanity. In this grandeur we are confronted with the possibility that all of it could disappear.

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